Home Camping Fun with The Tiny Travellers

Toasting Marshmallows over our colandar fire pit, after a short walk through the trees beside the local allotments, C grinned and said,

“It doesn’t feel like we’re at home does it?!”

D gave out a cheeky giggle as he managed to set his marshmallow on fire (again!) waving his sugary fire stick around like some kind of medieval torch and Little Miss A’s eyes widened with the sugar rush as she popped another marshmallow onto her stick.

The schools had closed, social distancing was advised and the UK lockdown, to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus, was imminent.

However we were due to have our first campervan adventure of the year that weekend, and nothing was getting in the way of that!

We weren’t able to stick to the original plans of visiting the holiday park that we’d booked, but we set up our campervan pitch on the driveway at home and began our 2020 campervan adventures.

Later that evening, whilst snuggled together, all cosy under the blankets in the campervan, Little Miss gave me a sleepy smile and whispered,
I love our holidays”.

We’d laughed, we’d played, we’d explored, Mummy had got stressed making tea in the van, whilst trying to make sure none of the Tiny Travellers wandered off too far, we’d chatted and snuggled together in our little van.
It was just like our real campervan adventures, and as much as we love exploring and visiting new places, we were reminded that it’s not all about where you go, it’s who you’re with!

Whether you’re in a van on your driveway, pitching a tent in the back garden or creating a tent in your home, as soon as you close those doors and snuggle up with your loved ones, you could be anywhere!

Will you be having a holiday at home this Easter? Or maybe joining in with one of the many virtual festivals?

Visit the Caravan and Motorhome Club website to download a Free Festival Pack for the Big Little Tent Festival on Wednesday 15th April 2020.

“The downloadable festival pack includes a variety of hints, tips, recipes, activities for the kids, bunting, wristbands and flags which will keep everyone occupied for weeks to come!

When you download a pack you will also be entered into a prize draw for the opportunity to win one of six Cotswold Outdoor tents worth £190 each.”

Will you be taking part in The Big Little Tent Festival next week?


  • Roaming Roo & The Tiny Travellers – April 2020

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